Project Pathfinder

Pathfinder is about turning lives around. It is about working with children who have sexual behavior problems--many of whom have been victimized themselves--and helping them to get back on track in life.

Pathfinder works to make sure the community is safe by ensuring that children who have engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviors get the help they need. The teenagers with which Pathfinder works have been adjudicated.

The program works on empathy, teaching children to take responsibility for their actions. Restitution is one of the expected goals of the program.

When children and teens in the program have underlying trauma issues, the program also addresses that trauma.

Because both Pathfinder and Victims Services are housed at the Children's Center for Hope & Healing, Pathfinder is especially well-situated to work with families where inter-familial, "child-on-child" abuse has occured. Pathfinder is able to serve the needs of all the children and--if appropriate--work on family reunification.

Services are available in Spanish as well as English.